Our Story

Une photo de Santenay avec les vignes.

A family know-how

Immersed in winemaking expertise through my apprenticeship at the prestigious Chevrot estate, I felt the call of the vineyard early on. The passion for wine runs through my veins for generations. Indeed, my family has been in the wine business since the 1800s, perpetuating our know-how from father to son throughout this time. At the age of 23, I made the bold decision to take over the family estate, Bourgogne Moniot, thus marking my entry as the 6th generation of winemakers.

A gustatory expansion

Fueled by a devouring passion, I embarked on expanding our vineyards, increasing the initial surface from 3.5 hectares to an impressive expanse of 11 hectares. This expansion allowed the estate to flourish across diverse lands, from Santenay to Aloxe Corton, each contributing its own richness to the unique character of our wines.

Une parcelles de Santenay rouge village.

Sustainable commitment and exceptional quality

Every year, with dedication and respect for the land, we take care of our vines to produce exceptional bottles. Committed to preserving our environment and viticultural heritage, we have embraced a reasoned approach to fighting diseases and insects, an eco-responsible initiative.

“Our commitment goes beyond mere wine production; it’s a true philosophy, a quest for quality and authenticity. We take pride in perpetuating family traditions while innovating, thereby offering our cherished customers wines that reflect our history, our terroir, and our love for the profession.”